Beard Of The Day #99: Alex Hoffman

99 Beards and a goatee aint one… We’re almost 100 deep into our Beard Of The Day segment, and we’re ending out the double digits in style. Our new buddy Alex recently hit us up on Twitter, asking if he was Beard Of The Day material… I think that’s a given. You certainly have a great jaw bush, worthy of BRLND and all of it’s beardly goodness. Thank you for your submission Alex! Follow Alex on Twitter here.

If you want to be the next Beard Of The Day – hit us up, just like Alex did, with a picture of your beard and a little blurb about yourself.


Beard Of The Day #98: Bob Shaw

What’s good Beards and Beardettes?! We’re closing in on the ending to a beautiful Novembeard. Yes, it is a sad realization. However, the spirit of Novembeard will live on inside of all of us. And for the real beards, we will continue to grow! Just like our new bearded buddy, Bob. Bob is a brother from the North, and has been growing his Canadian chin carpet since he was 14. Respect! Thanks for your submission Mr. Shaw! Glad to see that it’s all aboot the beards in Canada. You can check out Bob’s band on Facebook.

If you want to be the next BRLND Beard Of The Day, hit us up on Twitter or E-mail us your submission! Be praised. You work hard for your beard.

The Newest BRLND Shirt Is Here!

Psst. Guess what Beards?! We’re giving you a sneak peek at the newest BRLND shirt that will be available in our online store! Want some even better news? Like beards and basketball? Then this might be the next shirt in your closet. You will be able to PREORDER THIS SHIRT TOMORROW at a special pre-order price! Bitchen! Check back tomorrow for more details and pick up your very own tee.

Beard Of The Day #95: Dr. Borans

What’s up Beards? We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the upcoming news which will be revealed THIS HALLOWEEN! In the meantime, we will be celebrating everyday with a scary Beard until night full of fright (and beer/candy). To start off this beardathon, we praise Dr. Strathis Borans, from the movie The Fly! This guy knows his way around a prescription pad, and a Bearded Members Only club (if that exists). So bow down, or he’ll probably kill you.

Remember to keep an eye out on our Twitter page to see more about this Halloween’s BRLND Update! You won’t regret it. And if you do, we’ll probably kill you. Not really. But really.

What’s Good with Freddy Lockhart!

As you guys may or may not know, we’ve developed a great relationship with an awesome bearded man from LA. Freddy Lockhart is a Cali-bound comedian, and we have some news for you – we are now an official sponsor of the What’s Good with Freddy Lockhart podcast! Make sure you check his show out and listen up for a great discount when you enter in Freddy’s coupon code!


Beard Of The Day #94: Tim Lima

We’re blowing the dust of the Beard Of The Day and coming back strong with this lovely, local Beardo. Tim Lima is a good friend of BRLND and rocks one of the best Beards in town! Just by looking at this beard, inspiration will start to boil up inside you, forcing you to A: grow a beard – or B: inspire your beard. Win win! Thanks Tim!

If you want to be the next BRLND Beard Of The Day, send us in a picture of your beard with a little bio about yourself.


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