7 thoughts on “CONTACT”

  1. I like the batbeard shirt… Do you all have any plan on offering shirts in 2x for us huskier bearders?

  2. Hey, I’m part of a jazz hip hop crew based in Vancouver, BC and we’d love to wear your awesome products! Check us out at http://www.soulsrest.com and let us know if you wanna hook us up so we can promote your awesome gear!

  3. Hey, I’ll jump on ^that bandwagon. I’m a electronic musician from London, UK. You’re following me on twitter (@ttoettoe). I’d totally love to wear your tees on stage. Look: here’s my promoting my favourite http://www.gingerbeards.com t-shirt – https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/332081_10151090017255484_836070483_22253416_368117372_o.jpg

  4. Gents,
    My name is Joe Stripling n I am a professional Mma fighter outta the first state of Delaware. I turned pro in 2007 n have been training n fighting ever since. Since I am the first Mma fighter from DE I am now 6-3 as a professional. I wanted to email u guys about possible sponsorship for my upcoming June 16 title fight for locked in the cage 10. I wasn’t sure if u guys had any interest in sponsoring me or even getting into the sport of Mma. I am not looking for much just some clothing n your logo on my fight shorts to start then we can go from there. I am really excited about the opportunity because my beard grows crazy between fights in I fight with it then start it all over again for the next 1. If u guys have any interest in sponsorship or have any questions about the sport of Mma feel free to contact me anytime at my email. Thank u guys so much for the interest in me n my sport n beard I love.
    Bazooka Joe Stripling

  5. Kyle Lassen said:

    Any possible way to post my beard on here?

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